5 grams Grams' Glitter House Pink Awareness Ribbons Polyester Glitter

Pink Awareness Ribbons

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The Awareness ribbons are to bring awareness to any type of illness you may want to support. They hold their sparkle even under epoxy. Each bag comes with 15 grams in a ziplock sealed bag to prevent spillage during shipping. 

The awareness ribbons are perfect for tumblers, keychains, any mold design, slime, pens, and many other handmade items. 

Our glitter is made from polyester material. It does not dull under solvents such as epoxy, resin, or even nail polish. We offer high-quality glitter so that you can achieve the most professional and stunning results possible with your work!

Our glitter has a multipurpose and can be used in scrapbooking, tumbler designing, nail arts, shoe design, clothing, and hat design, and just about any form of crafting!

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