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Ink Jet Printer Waterslide Decal Paper

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With Waterslide Decal Paper, you can print any designs using an inkjet printer and transfer them onto any non-porous surfaces. The decal transfer is very thin and barely noticeable when transferred onto a surface. The decal also adheres strongly and you can hand wash the declared items. Our Waterslide decal paper is very quick and easy to use, any beginners can use it without any failure.

Glass, metal, ceramic ware (for decorative purposes), wood, furniture, candles, soap, model airplanes, model railroads, die-cast cars, fishing rods, picture frames, book covers, albums, and appliances are just some examples of where inkjet Waterslide Decals may be applied.

The clear acrylic spray is required for this paper.

  • Water Transfer Slide Decal Paper Water Transfer Paper Ink Jet Water Transfer Paper White for Laser Printer
  • Film Dimensions: A4 Size (210x297mm).
  • Quantity:10 Sheet.
  • Clear Water Transfer Paper for Ink Jet Printer.
  • You can make your items special with your own designs on them.