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DYI Floating Glitter fillable Pens | Craft Pens

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The Floating Pen set comes with one of each color pen. These make great gifts for anyone on your gift-giving list. Glitter is filled in the body of these pens. The glitter will move when shaken and upside down. The glitter will settle to the bottom when not the pen is not in use. This is a must-have accessory for your desk!

Perfect for adding beautiful glitter for a gift or to re-sell. These beautiful have great color and hand a bigger barrel to ease the movement of glitter. Fill the barrel of these pens with different methods of liquid along with what you are desiring to achieve, glitter, mini fruit, mini flowers, beads, or anything that will fit in order to customize to your liking.

These DYI Pens require assembly. Adhesive will be needed from time to time to secure the two parts together as the tightest of the two-part fitting together will vary from pen to pen.