Grams' Glitter House Eagle Fabric Cut Fabric
Grams' Glitter House Eagle Fabric Cut Fabric

Eagle Fabric Cut

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💜 💜 This listing is for one (1) 9" x 14" Tumbler Cut of PREMIUM fabric listed in the photo above. 💜💜
💜 Please take a second to read careful over the next few details to ensure you understand what you are ordering. 💜 I'm not responsible for failure to read the description.

Please Note:

  • This is for a pre-cut to the 9"x14" inch. Which is also referred to as a tumbler cut.

  • These are pre-cut to size we can ship as quickly as possible for you. They are not continuous if you order more than 1.

  • Product photos are shot in lighting that most accurately depicts their true color.

  • Your individual monitor settings can cause the appearance of the color on the screen to differ from the actual photograph.

  • Woven cotton: 100% cotton. We offer premium quality cotton that is soft, colorful and is great for tumbler cups, face masks, character ears, dog collars, embroidery projects, bandanas for your fur babies, quilts, bibs and so much more!


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  • Grams Glitter House fully stands behind our products and will make exceptions only for items damaged in transit.

  • If a package is damaged in transit you must email me at within 72 hours of delivery to be eligible for an exchange.

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